About The Institute:

Neuro Engineering Institute; an organization dedicated to the advancement of Business Success & Personal Fulfillment, we have scaled our offerings to serve all sizes of companies across any industry.

Our work globally serves entrepreneurs, small to mid cap companies, heads of state, law enforcement, luxury markets, post secondary education, international trade associations, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies.

What sets us above is how our offerings provide the tools to align the intellect with the heart for a greater capacity for success and efficacy. Our teachings address the Mind, Body & Spirit of the individual, the business owner and the team within the company.

Our Cutting Edge

The main reason businesses stop growing is the failure to execute a Strategic Plan! Only 4% of firms survive the transition from a small business to a growing firm. To get you into that 4% here are some of the tools we are teaching:

  • Vital Decision Making skills
  • Profound Leadership Expertise
  • A Clear & Decisive Strategic Growth Plan
  • Worthwhile Coaching Skills
  • Scope of Vision
  • Critical Habits for Success

About Deborah Peters:


Deborah is an expert Business Coach and Master Trainer in Human Behavior & Peak Performance.  Negotiating high stakes deals Deborah has delivered customized Keynote Speeches, facilitated Executive Roundtables & Coached Heads of State across three continents & 11 countries.  A pioneer of Neuro Science for business leaders her podcast Neuro Science for Success has subscribed to by thousands globally.

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Sponsorship & Booking

  • Reach Decision Makers
  • Increase Your Brand
  • Develop B2B Relationships

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