Deborah Peters – Business Success Blueprint System Thought Leader

This System is the fruit of 20+ years of Coaching Business Leaders, Heads of State, Fortune 500 companies, Small to mid-size companies, including the Luxury Markets and interfacing with a range of Entrepreneurs from Solo-preneurs to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals in a wide variety of industries and speaking at conferences across the globe in 11 countries.

Everything you need to Scale your company is in this program. If you tried to piece this together you’d need to hire at least six Coaches or Consultants and then hope they could collaborate. The Business Success Blueprint System is consistently up-leveled to bring you not just what IS but rather what is coming. This enables you as a Business Leader to be pro-active in the development of your Business Model and the strategies necessary to achieve the goals of your growth trajectory.

Throughout history there have been countless books written on the most important element of business; and that is your Mind-Set. Call it what you will; Law of Attraction, Universal Law, Thinking System, Positive Thinking, Winning Attitude, Spiritual/Self Awareness….Henry Ford said it so aptly; “If you think you can’t, you are right”. We at Neuro Engineering Institute believe the glue that holds any Business Model & Strategic Plan together for the Leadership Team is the appropriate Mind-Set…..the Neuro Science behind the success!

Every step of this Business Success Blueprint System is shifting your Mind-Set and so you will learn the Neuro Science of Business Success that enables you to up-level your focus, effectively implement new strategies, develop new behaviors, engage new clients, elevate yourself above overwhelm, increase performance in yourself and your Team, utilize Attraction Marketing, increase your footprint, navigate the changing business landscape and most importantly continue to Scale.

We engage the brightest, most effective experts…..Thought Leaders that get your value and your Choke Points. This is not one of those dry, superficial conferences where you catch up on your emails while some speaker drones on about this or that. This is a Game-Changer! We guide you through a life altering experience on not so much what you Think, but HOW you Think about what you seek to create and with that, you implement the appropriate and necessary pragmatic steps driving your goals to fruition.



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